How to Choose Stylish Handbags

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A stylish handbag a way to express your sense of style, something to play with during awkward moments, and even a weapon in times of trouble. The thing about a handbag is that you carry it every day, so it has to be comfortable, versatile, aesthetically pleasing, and good quality enough to endure rough commutes, chronic over stuffing, and harrowing public bathroom trips. Shopping for the right handbag can be a daunting task. Here are the most important variable to consider when you're in the market for a new handbag.

Have you ever bought a shoulder bag that kept slipping off your shoulder? Or a handbag with small handles only to realize you hate having your hands full? Figure out your personal handbad strap preference, and dont stray too far from your comfort zone. We carry our handbags with us every day: how we carry them matters.

You need enough room to park your wallet and store important supplies, but if its too big youll end up filling the whole thing with crap you don't need and you'll never be able to find anything. When youre shopping for a new handbag, examine the contents of your current handbag to figure out what your necessities are. Be realistic that teeny tiny clutch might be cute but if it only has room for a tube of lipstick and a couple of barbie shoes, it wont do you much good as an everyday bag.

The most important factor here is versatility, but that doesnt mean you are required to choose conservative tan handbags all the time. Think about what you want your handbag to add to your daily outfits. Do you want it to blend in? Do you want it to be the focal point? Or somewhere in between? A bright orange handbag, for example, can be a totally versatile choice if you want an eye-catching accessory and wear clothing that complements it.

Safe color bets
Black, gray, most shades of brown.
Unexpectedly versatile options: red, burgundy, forest green, dark blue.

Leather handbags are usually the best quality and longest lasting, but you can find solid bags made of many different fabrics. Look at the stitching, how sturdy the seams are, if the handles seem strong or flimsy. Look for little details like tiny metal feet on the bottom that let you set your bag down without getting it dirty, a nice lining, reinforced handles, or strong zippers. Keep in mind that it can be worth paying a bit more for a good quality handbag from a brand that you trust.

Never buy a handbag that doesnt have at least a couple smaller pockets to organize your things. Trying to locate your keys at the bottom of a dark, cavernous handbag is as hopeless an endeavor as Rose locating Jack at the bottom of the Atlantic. Other factors to consider: does the bag stay upright when you set it on the ground or does it crumple or fall over? Does the top close with a zipper or a clasp or not at all? [If you travel a lot you will need a handbag that closes for security reasons.] Are there too many pockets, pouches, and doodads? Is the main storage space easy to access?

If you have a little extra money to spend on a good quality and stylish handbag that you love, you will not regret it. You carry it every single day, so if you divide the price of the handbag by the number of times you use it, pretty soon that handbag is cutting you a check.

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