Velvet Shoes Trend

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A versatile pair of shoes increases your personality as well as provide warmth and unique appearance for your legs. Velvet shoes are usually used for the upper class women who are economically established. Because more velvet shoes featuring a casual excellent style of women's personal. Different styles and varieties are available in market but we all want to update ourselves with the latest fashion trends.
Popular shoes brands are introducing velvet footwear whether in heels or flat, or in a sporty or classy look. Even in fashion shows and ramp walks, models wear velvet shoes. International brands like Gucci, Nike, Puma and Addidas have impressive shoes variety in velvet stuff. Velvet shoes are very sensitive to water and humidity, routine maintenance is properly made.
Things you will need to clean your Velvet Shoes:

  • Soft toothbrush
  • Mild liquid dish soap 
  • Clean cloth

Lightly scrub the velvet with a dry, soft toothbrush. Put small amount of mild liquid dish soap in a jar or glass of water, take your toothbrush and put it in soap water and then clean your shoes with it. Do not get the shoes overly wet. Dry it with clean cloth and let it sit for about 20 minutes. Enjoy wearing your velvet shoes for long!!

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