How to Know If your Makeup is Expired

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Old makeup can cause infections and damage your skin. We will helps you learn how to toss that makeup and keep your makeup drawer clean and organized.
1. Look through your old makeup for a chemical change. Changes include: a rancid odor, color change, and changed texture or consistency, like nail polish hardening, or makeup becoming crusty.
2. If you can’t remember when you bought it, throw it out.
3. Learn to part with your old makeup. No matter how pretty it is, you would be better off throwing it out than risking disease, plus your makeup wardrobe will feel fresh, and you’ll clear up space in your drawer. This is the perfect excuse to go on a makeup shopping spree!
4. When you buy makeup, don’t be afraid to use it, so you won’t waste money. If you’d like to save money on makeup, only buy the colors and types you know you use regularly.
5. Date makeup when you buy it. Write the month and year on it with a permanent marker. If you’re not sure about when to toss old makeup, six months is a good thumb rule. Or, write in a notebook or calendar when you got what. It’s the date you open it (not bought or received it) that matters.
Replace makeup applicators weekly. Buy some of the cheap sponges and such at a store like Wal-Mart or Target.
If makeup looks old or changes texture or color, throw it out. If it smells bad too, throw it out.
If your mascara is clumpy, chuck it. Tons of bacteria could be growing inside.
If your foundation is thickening, chuck that too. Again with the bacteria.
Eye makeup and liquid foundations last the least amount of time. These should be disposed of after six months.
Don’t share lipsticks, lip glosses, and lip balms. They can give you the herpes virus. This virus causes cold sores and eventually makes you very sick, and it’s not fun to have. So even if your friend has a really cute lip gloss, just find out what brand and shade or flavor or number it is and go buy it yourself. You’re better off spending a few extra bucks on new makeup than getting a virus that sticks with you for life.
Throw out mascara after three months.
Discard concealer after 18 months. It’s touching blemishes (pimples, acne) and that part of your face is more prone to infection.
Loose powder can last for years.
Cream eyeshadow lasts 12-18 months, powder eyeshadow lasts 2 years.
Lip gloss lasts 18 months.
Lipstick can last 2-3 years.
Nail Polish can last about one year.
Throw out too-old makeup no matter how pretty it is.
Get your own makeup, and use it well. Don’t be afraid of using it too quickly; do throw it out when it’s time.

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