Valentine's Makeup | Valentine's Day Makeup

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There is no occasion better than the Valentine’s Day to have a new look in your shape, as this occasion will help you to have a dreamy and a romantic makeup with a feminine and attractive touch. Forget about the smoky eye makeup and forget about the strong bright colors, and let’s show you the original Valentine’s Day makeup, which will transform you from an everyday female to a ROMANTIC woman.
Eyes - Use light or cool pink eye shadow colors in addition to dark black color plus another natural color that matches the color of your skin.
In order to give an intense look to your eyelashes, you have to apply two layers of mascara on the eyelashes and in that case you must be so fast so that you apply the second mascara layer before the first layer dries out.

Cheeks - Use a blush in a red or pink color and apply softly with finger tips on the apple’s of cheeks
Lips - Use a hot pink or vibrant red lip pencil and fill in entire lip, follow with a lip stick color to match, last apply a sparkle shinny lip gloss over entire lip, don’t be shy about the gloss.

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