Tips To Get Rid Of Acne

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Acne is one of the most common complexion problems and it inevitably affects everyone’s life at a certain moment. It can appear at any age, although teenagers are the most affected by it as it can cause them anxiety and disturbance. Acne is a skin inflammation that generates the appearance of pimples and black points. 

How to get rid of acne? Here are some tips which might help you win the “battle” with acne.
1) A careful wash is important although too much can irritate pimples causing further infection.
2) Use a gentle shower gel or a special soap created for acne problems.
3) Exfoliation is also important as it removes the death skin layers. After cleaning the face with a delicate soap use an exfoliating mask at least once or two / week. It helps you reduce the death skin cells and clean the pores.
4) In order to avoid a possible pore reloading it is recommended using cosmetic products that don’t contain oil. In order to avoid having a dry skin use tonic lotions. And be careful also to hair products which tend to contain a lot of oil also.
5) Use everyday different towels.
6) Wash your hair at least twice / week using special oily hair shampoo.
7) Don’t press or pinch pimples.
8) If you are desperate and you see that nothing helps you, go to the doctor’s and ask for special products to treat acne. He will surely recommend the best of them.
9) Avoid as much as possible eating chocolate or drinking coffee. The food must not be very spicy. Fast-food, snacks, sweets or cereals are not recommended by doctors. Instead of these eat a lot of fruits and vegetables.

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