Tips For a Brilliant Look In The Winter Season

Posted by Zuhaib Shaikh - -

We all know that the skin is the most sensitive to climatic changes in the cold season. Fortunately, there are some simple and efficient methods in order to have always a great look.
1) First of all, don’t forget about the solar protection products even if the sky is cloudy and the sun doesn’t seem to appear soon.
2)Don’t spend too much time at shower especially in hot water. The natural barrier of lipids is deteriorated easily at high temperatures and infections are likely to appear.

3)Avoid using astringent cosmetic products because the alcohol quantity which exists in their composition encourages the appearance of dehydration.

4)Drink a lot of milk with cocoa as they contain many antioxidants.

5)If your feet are frozen you can use products containing E vitamin. After that, use a hydrating cream and put on some cotton socks. You will feel the difference in the morning when your feet will be very soft.

6)Lips are one of the most affected parts of the body. That’s the reason why a lipstick or a gloss shouldn’t be missing from any girl’s bag (try to buy especially those products containing the E vitamin).
Try to apply these tips as soon as possible and they will surely have the desired result in your case.

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