How to Deal With Oily Skin

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Oily skin can have its downs at times, but there are ways that you can get rid of it, at least temporarily. You must know that in order for your skin to be going through any kind of change, you first must take proper care of it. That means that you cannot neglect your daily routine (both morning and night).

Those with oily skin reproduce excess oil in their skin. It’s very important to stay away from products that contain oil as this will make it even worse.
Start off in the morning by washing your face with an oil-free face wash such as Neutrogena For Oily Skin. Then, use a toner to gently soak up the excess oil and dirt left on your face. It is not recommended that you wear amoisturizer since your skin already has so much moisture, but if you must, use a very light moisturizer.
Throughout the day, stay away from any makeup that contains any oil. Choose an oil-free foundation, and use a loose powder. Stay away from any cream shadows or blushes as this will add more oil to your skin. Instead use powders and blot gently with a tissue.
At night, follow the same routine as in the morning. You can use an oil absorbing product both in the morning and before bed. This will soak up all of the excess moisture. Keep up this routine and slowly your skin will start to look and feel less oily.

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